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Strength matters most

Exercise might be the most important "drug" we have for improving and extending our life. For people over 50 years of age, muscle loss of ~1% per year increases and compounds over the decades. While muscle mass and strength are correlated, strength more than muscle mass indicates reductions in all cause mortality.

To remain healthy and mobile, we must build and maintain strength. This can be done at any age. Even people in their 90's can get stronger due to muscle plasticity. I created EverStrongSF for this purpose.

We have a clear example below of a 70 year old EverStrongSF client who increased strength over 9 months by 220%. The gray is the starting leg press workout. The red is the result improvement.

The gray line below is the 2nd workout. The red line is the workout 9 months later. This client initially had trouble getting into the leg press. By August they could easily get in position by themself.

With strength training the concepts are few and the methods are many. The principles are:

  1. Consistency

  2. Progressive overload of the muscle

  3. Recovery

  4. Injury prevention.

Careful progressive overloading every week is the minimum effective does. We do this in 30 minutes. That's a small time commitment.

People can get strong without EverStrongSF for sure. At EverStrongSF, we focus on the whole body and use machines to ensure that the movements that are safe. We also focus on accountability and customizing programs to match people's individual bodies. If you feel you want to get stronger and want our help, give us a call: 415 658 7572 or book a chat with us here.

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