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EverStrongSF was started in 2017 with the goal to increase health span, meaning to make the part of our life much longer where we can move confidently without pain. End of life with disease can be long and terrible. We want vibrant life up to the end. That's our game plan.  

We chose to focus on strength training because without strength and muscle to move our selves around, we have nothing. All troubles pail in comparison when we are unable to move. It is truly the most important thing. Muscle is where energy is stored, where anaerobic and aerobic energy comes from. It cushions us when we fall and prevents breaks. Muscle stresses our bones to make them more dense when enough tension is applied. Strength training creates a beautiful cascade of benefits that can keep us healthy.

Everything about how we operate is about this goal. People choose to become more fit for lots of look a certain way, to feel a certain way, etc. All of those things are byproducts of getting stronger. 

I personally intend to be one very strong 80 year old human. Each year I get stronger and the amount of time I spend on it is very little and I like it that way. 

Abe Williams 


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