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Our Approach

EverStrongSF Strength System

EverStrongSF's Slow-Motion High-Intensity Training (HIT) method


Our method is an evidence based, scientific approach to exercise. One 30 minute session per week with us will help you improve all markers of health, create a sharper and more mentally tough mind, and build incredible amounts of strength that will help you experience greater joy in all aspects of life.

At EverStrongSF, we believe that exercise goes beyond physical activity. Our workouts are brief, effective, and incredibly intense, yet safe for all ages. When you experience this efficient method of exercise, you will maximize your genetic potential to build muscle mass, strength, improve your metabolic rate, burn body fat, and build stronger bones, and save yourself hours of time each week.  


We continually research and test what works. We measure the workouts, each time. We record our measurements and track progress. If something isn't working, we change it. If it is working, we amplify it. It's all about measurement. 



In 20 minutes, our instructors utilize scientifically proven techniques to move against a safe and meaningful amount of resistance in a slow, controlled, and mindful manner. When acceleration and momentum are removed from the equation, all that is left to do the work are your muscles and will power.  By keeping your muscles consistently engaged through a full range of motion, we disprove the common misconception that more reps equates to a better workout. Instead, we focus on what really matters: your form, your breathing, and the intensity of your own effort. When performed properly, each workout you complete at EverStrongSF will send a powerful message to your body that you must adapt, by growing stronger, in order to not just survive, but thrive in your new physically demanding environment.


We believe that exercise should never cause injury. By eliminating fast, ballistic movements, and working under the watchful instruction of a trained professional, you will eliminate the risk of injury and build stronger muscles, ligaments and tendons. This means that true HIT exercise is safe and sustainable to practice for the rest of your life.


One-on-One Training

Everyone needs a trainer—even the seasoned trainers at EverStrongSF perform better when someone is watching. At our studio or virtually, you’ll have the undivided attention of HIT-trained professionals in a one-on-one setting. Our trainers have the knowledge and skills to personalize each workout for your specific goals and abilities. Each workout will provide the minimum effective dose of risk free exercise.




The biggest focus of our work is teaching you how to be mentally strong enough to push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of accomplishing, all while keeping you safe and injury free. With the high demands and stress of life, it’s important to prioritize your health and fitness. We recognize that you can be healthy without being fit, and fit without being healthy. We enable you to balance both so you can translate your training at EverStrongSF into other parts of your life. And with our brief commitments each week, you can spend more time doing things you love with the people you love. 


No more wasted hours in the gym with less than 100% effective work outs. Life is short, go enjoy it!

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