Patrick Ycaro, Staff Manager, Instructor

EverStrongSF is proud to team up with NorCal Strength Studio founder Patrick Ycaro.  Fitness has always been a big part of his personal life, but Patrick's true passion lies in training and helping people achieve their fitness goals. And, Patrick’s been doing just that for over 10 years.

Patrick enjoys working with a diverse age groups, and his clients range from 13 to 80 years old. Regardless of his clients’ generational differences or activity level, they all noticed considerable improvements in their strength, endurance, and energy level after working with Patrick.

Patrick has always cited the considerable health benefits of High-Intensity Training. However, when he started training a client with Parkinson's disease and saw significant improvements in strength, endurance, energy level, and motor function, he decided to dedicate his life to helping people gain strength so they can be active for the rest of their life.  


Chase Seal, Instructor

Chase is a recent graduate from Mckendree University with a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Performance. An ex-college athlete, he is dedicated to staying fit and strong for life! 


Chase just recently moved to San Francisco from Houston, Texas. When he is not working, he enjoys exploring the city with his girlfriend and spending time outdoors.

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Alicia Fantozzi, Instructor


Alicia has been receiving the EverStrong training for years and is an enormous proponent of EverStrong's approach to a safe and comprehensive training protocol.


Originally from Seattle, Alicia lived in London for 20 years and has returned to the Bay Area with a focus on developing agriculture technologies and EverStrong training!


Irina Semenova, Instructor

Irina came to the US from Russia 13 years ago with a dream to make use of her medical degree. While raising and homeschooling her 3 kids, her dreams and values significantly changed.


Nowadays as a certified personal trainer and a health coach she helps people to be free of unnecessary health struggles. She sees that a lot of health problems prevalent in modern society are related to muscle loss. She strongly believes if people are free of diseases and physically strong, it is easy for them to stay mentally strong, regulate emotions, and most importantly be able to show kindness.

When she is not working, she enjoys teaching swing and tap dance classes in the East Bay with her husband.

Abe Williams, Owner

I live from spirit, love and beauty. My goal is to have the best possible life filled with all of it: the failures, the wins, the plateaus, the pains and joys, difficulty and ease. My health is paramount to me and I’m working towards “compressed morbidity”. That’s the longest possible aliveness with energy and mobility and the shortest death. This is opposed to what happens now: I see people with progressively reduced mobility as they age and long illnesses ending in death. I’m 46 and want to be continually stronger until I reach my late ages. When I do plateau or decline, I’ll be stronger than I am now. That’s my plan. Some people say it won’t work or doesn’t work like that. Fuck that. I am helping people in their 70’s get stronger right now.

I’m married to a wonderful woman and we made amazing twin 19 year old girls who attended the San Francisco Waldorf High School and are now at the 5 C's. We also have 2 adopted Chihuahua mixes who are hilarious.

I also advise startups and am currently a FinTech VP.