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Pat Ycaro, Master Trainer

Patrick Ycaro, Staff Manager, Master Trainer

EverStrongSF is proud to team up with NorCal Strength Studio founder Patrick Ycaro.  Fitness has always been a big part of his personal life, but Patrick's true passion lies in training and helping people achieve their fitness goals. And, Patrick’s been doing just that for over 10 years.

Patrick enjoys working with a diverse age groups, and his clients range from 13 to 80 years old. Regardless of his clients’ generational differences or activity level, they all noticed considerable improvements in their strength, endurance, and energy level after working with Patrick.

Patrick has always cited the considerable health benefits of High-Intensity Training. However, when he started training a client with Parkinson's disease and saw significant improvements in strength, endurance, energy level, and motor function, he decided to dedicate his life to helping people gain strength so they can be active for the rest of their life.  

Abe couldn't have done EverStrongSF without Patrick. Patrick is an amazing Human and Grandfather!

Chase Seal, Master Trainer

Chase Seal, Master Trainer

Chase is a recent graduate from Mckendree University with a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Performance. Chase is also a master trainer. An ex-college athlete, he is dedicated to staying fit and strong for life! 


Chase just recently moved to San Francisco from Houston, Texas. When he is not working, he enjoys exploring the city with his girlfriend and spending time outdoors. 

Abe thinks Chase is really Good. 

Alicia Fantozzi, Trainer

Alicia Fantozzi, Trainer

Alicia is back with us July 23, 2023! 


Opera Singer, Concert Pianist, Electronic Music Composer, Photographer, Investment Banker, Fund Manager, Forest Lover, and more. Alicia was a client who loved our method and the people that came to EverStrongSF and decided she loved the method so much she joined the team. When she's not traveling internationally arranging amazing ventures and is in San Francisco, she works with us. How lucky we are. 


Alicia has been trained and certified in the EverStrongSF method and is extremely effective at keeping people safe while helping them naturally and progressively to develop physical and mental growth.

Abraham Williams, Owner and Master Trainer

Abraham Williams, Owner and occasional Master Trainer​

Investor, Fintech Executive, Software Engineer, creator of many businesses like Ritualis (a natural self-care for the body line of products), Musician, Author of "How to be a Human, The Missing Manual" (available 2024 with Leaders Press) and Master Trainer, Abe created EverStrongSF after reading Body by Science in 2017.


He wanted a place where people could forge themselves safely with the best fuel for living a long and strong life. After many attempts with other methods and injuries, he decided this was the safest and most durable method that works for Humans in today's world and has trained them from 12 to 90 years old. He created EverStrongSF to be the minimum effective dose of exercise and is well versed in supramaximal exercise.


Abe is working with MedX.Fit to expand this model of exercise and health longevity globally, starting in Northern California, where a lot of very good things start. 

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