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People want to look a certain way

Here's a photo of me circa 2018. I had been testing out the high intensity strength training that is now the EverStrongSF method for about 2 years. I did this training every week, on a Saturday for about 30 minutes. It was a small commitment of time and effort really. Just 30 minutes once a week (twice is better).

I wanted to see if the method worked for me. Because I kept getting stronger, I didn't get hurt, my body composition shifted and my blood work improved. From that, I decided it did.

Today, I have a bit more muscle and bit less body fat...around 9%. I like what happens with this method. It feels natural vs. the extreme body building physiques. That's what I like anyway.

That's how human bodies naturally work...consistent application of stimulus forcing the body to adapt with sufficient recovery drives positive change. I don't have a current photo of this quality to share yet. I've got a better physique now. I will get one if asked. By the way, the photography was done by Elisa Cicinelli. She's amazing. If you contact her, tell her I sent you.

Patrick Ycaro, who is my inspiration and head trainer at EverStrongSF, and Susanna Ycaro, his wife and who handles the administration of EverStrongSF, both did this high intensity strength training method and competed in body building competitions. You can do body building with this method, but we don't focus on the volume to drive mitochondrial density which is where a lot of the giant size of body building comes from.

The aesthetics happen with this method. If you combine strength training like we do, eat 1 gram of protein per pound of ideal lean mass, be careful with other macros, and work on your VO2 max (breath through the nose!), then it will definitely happen (taking care to prevent any other catastrophes that can happen life).

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