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How we saw Steve change

Steve was in his 70's and couldn't really get into the ARX leg press. After a consistent weekly strength training program at EverStrongSF, he could easily get in to the machine. That alone was amazing progress without real measurement.

However, take a look at where he started from a strength measurement perspective and where he ended up.

Let me explain what you are looking at. Basically the gray line is where he started from a total work perspective in the lower graph and where he was able to perform 9 month later, the red line.

The top graph shows how the reps in the first workout compared the last workout (what other training facility can show you this?!?!). Seriously. You can't get this from boot camp training or any other large box gym that comes with no instruction.

The red line really shows you how his max strength has changed in the reps performed during the set. It's incredible. And, I need to remind you, he was in his 70's. That clearly shows you from an example of one how the aged human body can still adapt and develop strength and mobility capabilities. His total strength output increased 195% and his max concentric strength (think of the ability to pick something up from the ground vs. lowering which is the eccentric strength) increased 257%!

This is an example of the real deal here. This is what can happen with a careful application of strength training applied over time, consistently every week, without injury.

I don't need to say any more.

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