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60 Days to a New You

Hello dear fellow humans,

Some time back, maybe 2016, I wrote an ebook "60 days to a New You". You can download it charge because it's better to share so more people can benefit. This was developed for someone to do on their own at home. I have moved on to focusing on the kind of training we do at EverStrongSF instead of the body weight movements in this plan, but I got some feedback last night from a friend who tried this out.

She told me it changed how the whole family did nutrition and now it's a healthy habit. That was the most amazing story I had gotten in a long time. I've gotten a bunch of amazing stories from clients at EverStrongSF! But, still, it made me realize it's worth sharing because it has real value.

Check it out and let me know if it's of benefit to you. I would love to know if it helps you.

Consult with a doctor or a nutritionist as appropriate. I'm only a certified nutrition consultant. Every body is different and it's better to be safe than sorry. Just saying...

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