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Exercise Tip #3:

The Value of Proper


Notes/Take Aways:

  • More is not better! Recovery is the secret sauce for achieving your best health

  • You should be stronger each workout. If not, you're not recovering properly

    • If you find that you are not stronger, take a few days off to a week... then come back and try again. Are you stronger now?​

  • Maintain proper hydration

    • We recommend drinking half your body weight in fl.oz. ​

      • Meaning: if you weigh 160lbs you need to drink ​80 fl.oz. throughout the day

  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night

  • Destress - exercise is a form of stress, find your effective dose but also give yourself time to chill! If you find yourself stressed throughout the day, try taking on a meditation practice or get support from a mental health professional. 


  •   Let's put it all together! While working out, try moving slow, and going to MMF. Record your progress each week and see if you are recovering properly. You'll know this if you are stronger each week.

Report your findings in the comments below!

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