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Exercise Tip #2:

Going to...

Momentary Muscular Fatigue (MMF)

Notes/Take Aways:

  • Multiple sets per exercise isn't necessary when you implement momentary muscular fatigue (MMF) 

  • If you take all the major muscles groups to MMF, your workouts should only take 15-20 minutes

  • MMF allows you to better track progress because you know, definitively, when you hit your max

  • MMF allows you to track your recovery progress

  • When you reach MMF your muscle fibers have reached a deeper level of exhaustion so doing multiple sets will only cause excessive damage or strain

    • By going to MMF, you are giving your muscle tissue the proper amount of stressor, without overtraining​

      • This will allow for faster recovery and the ability to achieve your exercise goals faster!​


  •  Try training to MMF

    • Here's how:​

      1. Pick a weight where you wouldn't be able to go any longer in around 8-10 reps​

      2. While moving slowly, (5/5 or 10/10 cadence), continue to move until you cannot complete another rep

      3. When you reach this point, continue to try for at least 5-10 seconds - this is MMF

Report your findings in the comments below!

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