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Personal Training 

Our training is likely different from what you have experienced before. It's not for everyone. It's not painful, but it's uncomfortable and you will fail every time. 

When your body fails at something, it's because you have overloaded it to a point where it can no longer work. That failure point is what triggers the body to change and repair so that next time, it can meet the challenge. 

We train for results and are very particular about intensity, form and safety because we are forcing the body to adapt to a new stimulus. Safety is critical because an injury prevents consistency and one workout doesn't change the body.

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  • 20 workouts over 20 weeks will change you a little.

  • 50 workouts over 50 weeks will really change you.

  • 100 workouts over 100 weeks and you have a different body. 

To change the body, it must be subjected to regular stimulation with progressive overload but not too much. Stimulation of the muscle in this way will create an adaptation over time that creates positive change. 

To change the body, it must be subjected to regular stimulation with progressive overload but not too much. Stimulation of the muscle in this way will create an adaptation over time that creates positive change. 

Our personal training program is based on this core principle and personalized to you based on your goals, abilities and body history. 


Each session is 30 minutes in length and you will be doing very specific training during that time. You may do from 5 to 8 exercises depending on your fitness level and will be doing each exercise without stopping up to about 2 minutes. Each exercise will take your muscles to failure. 
Each exercise is specific and intensity is high.



We don't start at high intensity, but we do progress you there, safely. Once there, you can expect very specific muscle activation. Our aim is to completely exhaust each of your muscle fiber types from slow twitch to fast twitch.

We do this by moving slowly and continually until the slow twitch give up and the fast twitch give up. You move slow continually, but at first it's you going slow. Further into the exercise, you are going as fast as you can in a controlled manner, but because your fibers are exhausted, you will move slow. 

It is incredibly important for you to know we can alter your protocol to be a mix of strength and muscular growth or primarily strength or primarily muscle growth. This is important for people who don't want larger muscles but want a long and mobile life. If your goal is muscular size, we will vary your protocol to skew more towards hypertrophy with more volume. 


We do this at least once a week. Twice a week is better. Over time, the muscle density increases. With this method, strength and density is the primary outcome. 

The end result is a stronger, leaner body with a higher metabolism. The higher metabolism helps greatly with higher levels of energy and fat loss. 

EverStrongSF might be right for you if...

  • You care about healthspan and want a scienced-based approach

  • You believe that muscle is what makes life possible

  • You know that you lose muscle and strength every year past 40 and that muscle is movement and muscle is energy and muscle makes life possible

  • You believe that muscle will protect you from falls

  • You believe that sarcopenia, the loss of muscle from aging, is the leading cause of age related injuries

  • You want results

  • You want health for the long-term

  • You want the most efficient workout you can get

  • You don't want to spend time in a gym

  • You don't want mirrors all around and people flexing and staring at themselves

  • You want a private experience with a master trainer

  • You care about safety

  • You can commit to training every week

  • You show up on time

  • You are willing to work hard and trust your trainer will take you to your limit safely

  • You are willing to give it your all

  • You are willing to commit

  • You are can accept failure every time knowing that failure is progressing you

  • You know that this is an investment in health

  • You know that getting stronger and making a change to your body takes time

  • You believe that a consistent approach is the one that works

  • You know the methods of training are many but the principles are few

  • You are ready to make the change now


"Strength is more important than muscle mass...It's about a 3 fold reduction in all cause mortality. When you compare high strength to low strength." - Dr. Peter Attia


30 minutes twice per week.



Evidence Based

Our method is science-based and every movement of every workout is guided and measured so you progress safely and our trainers measure your progress.



We are 1 on 1. It's just you and your private trainer. There are no mirrors in the gym. We focus you on the training.



Highly Skilled Trainers

Our trainers have the certifications, knowledge and experience to get you the best results.


The Best Equipment

We are the only facility with public access to the ARX Alpha, Dynavec Gluteator, and the CAR.O.L AI bike in San Francisco. We also have the InBody 570 for body composition measurement and MedX for the most effective and most efficient program in San Francisco.

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