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Transform Your Body and Life in just 60 Days with EverStrongSF's Intensive Weight Loss Program

60 Days of Intensive Habit Changes Utilizing the 4 Principles of a Stronger, Leaner Body

Effective strength training (existing members already benefit from this)

Adequate protein intake

Reduce food energy surplus

Frequent cardiovascular exercise


We have 10 slots for the November Cohort. Open to EverStrongSF current members only. 


This program focuses on getting you results in 60 days that can be maintained with education and new habits for health. It is recommended you consult with a medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program. 

Planning Phase: we determine your specific goals and determine metrics and milestones. We focus on the top goal that if you achieve, you will feel successful. We complete the following:


  • Kick off video call 1 - 2 hours:

    • Comprehensive review of your current life habits and schedule around food and activity considering any health issues or injuries that are affecting your goal 

    • Food review: fridge, pantry and shopping habits that may need to be changed

    • Alcohol consumption review

    • Activity review 

    • Sleep review

    • Review current obstacles and difficulties including social activities or others who must be considered

    • External body measurement 

    • Starting photo of you “before”

  • EverStrongSF visit for Inbody Scan for body composition and your resting basal metabolic rate


Execution Phase: Your personalized plan will focus on creating new habits and behaviors that guide you to achieve your goals. Key elements are:

  1. Willpower at the start to set up your change

  2. Reducing effort with proximity and convenience to form new habits

  3. Frequent check-ins serve as motivation, adherence tracking, ongoing education and troubleshooting sessions


Execution includes but is not limited to:

  • A detailed food plan: what to eat, when to eat with agreed adherence percentage based on your schedule and circadian rhythm

  • A detailed personalized cardiovascular exercise plan in addition to your strength training

  • Shopping list based on your plan

  • A detailed plan review

  • Educational materials supporting our plan

  • Strategies for social situations, weekends and emotional eating that can wreak havoc on your progress

  • Strength training with EverStrongSF

  • Personalized cardiovascular exercise programming with heart rate tracking in Strava for our viewing and tracking

  • Regular motivation and support checkins 3 days a week via phone with text and email support

  • Simple meal logs for tracking, education and adjustments

  • Bi-weekly Inbody scans

  • Body measurement

  • Your regular progress and metrics report in the EverStrongSF app


Completion Phase: Your completion will entail:

  • Final Inbody scan 

  • Final external body measurement 

  • Ending photo of you “after”

  • Certificate of your completion and results

  • Your DIY maintenance plan with the levers you can use to make adjustments


The price of the transformation program is $2900 with two monthly payments of $1450

Additional cost items may be required ($30 - $100):

  • Heart rate monitor that works with Strava such as Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Wahoo, Polar, and Suunto, and TomTom. Polar is an inexpensive and great option around ~$60 

  • Strava App (free version)

  • Strength bands for cardiovascular exercise ~$30


We guarantee results on the agreed upon goal within 60 days. This goal will be defined and tracked in your plan. If you adhere to the plan to the absolute best of your efforts and you do not get your result, you will be coached for free for an additional month. The plan must be adhered to for this guarantee. We do not guarantee results on a “medical” basis. We understand that life happens and, if there is a life event in the middle of your 60 days, we can pause the program and resume with a later cohort.


A maintenance and support plan post the 60 day goal achievement is available. Ongoing monthly coaching is $500 per month and includes plan adjustment and weekly check-ins and measurements (monthly Inbody and body measurements).

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