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Private Gym Time

During this time of COVID when we all want to train but need that social distance, EverStrongSF is now offering Private Gym Time (PGT). Private time means you get 1 full hour each week to train with no other person in the facility. It means you will get an app to allow you entry to the facility, and the entire place is yours during your booked time. You can use whichever machine you like…the MedX, ARX, Power Plate and the C.A.R.OL bike. No member or any staff will be present. You have full access to everything, privately.


You can get in your workouts without the worries of COVID.


This is available to both existing and new members but new members must go through 12 supervised sessions. 


New Members

New members first learn how to properly train with a trainer with 12 sessions where you completely learn our method and how to properly set up your machines. When the trainer clears you to train on your own, you can set a regular time that’s yours or you can book when it’s available. Canceling time or booking time is instantly available for PGT. 

The cost is $1000 for the 12 session package and then $250 a month for one hour session each week. Which you can schedule yourself or have us lock in a recurring spot for you. You can manage your schedule and membership with the EverStrongSF app in the Apple and Google stores. 

Use the get started below below to begin. 

Existing Members

Existing members can get clearance from their trainer to add on private gym time. Login to the store to purchase this addon or just send us an email @

  • Once a week members can add PGT to their membership for an additional $125 a month. 

  • Twice a week members can add PGT to their membership for an additional $75 a month. 


Please be aware that we limit the gym to a family or group of friends to 4. 


This is a special place that we care a lot about, and so trainer approval is necessary to use this service.

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